Nearby in Punta Marana, about 100 metres from the residence, you can find commercial and tourist services of all kinds: supermarket, restaurant-pizzeria, bazaar, newsagent and tobacconist, ATMs, bakery and pastry shop, and the characteristic small church of Punta Marana.
At the marina of Punta Marana about 300 m away, you have the opportunity to moor or hire a boat or scooter, and there is also a diving school. There are also a bar, restaurant, ice cream shop, arcade, hairdresser, craft shops and a medical centre.
About 300 metres away there are also football fields with synthetic grass.
The residence does not manage any of the shops and services above: therefore calendars or opening hours are not guaranteed.  


Olbia, one of the main cities of Sardinia, is located only 15 km from the Residence Le Corti di Marinella. It is a very important tourist attraction for the island and offers an endless variety of leisure activities and entertainment: shopping days to be spent in the two large shopping centres, romantic walks in the historic centre, carefree dinners with friends or family, where the jewels of Olbia gastronomy will conquer your palate and spirit. The food and wine from Olbia represent the old, rural, pastoral culture itself, usually with a combination of meat and cheese coupled with the influence of ancient fishermen kitchen's traditions of simple food.

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is just over 4 km from Residence Le Corti di Marinella. It is situated in a wonderful position on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Sardinian coast. It has been awarded the European Blue Flag for its high standard of cleanliness and the equipment at its port that can accommodate up to 650 boats. Don't miss out on the chance to stroll along Via Del Molo, where you can admire the characteristic artwork of Breton artist Emanuel Chapalain: the street depicts the food chain and shows a wave in which fish feed on other fish, expressing the continuous circle of life. The eyes of the fish in Murano glass turn on at dusk with a LED lighting system. A must for those lucky enough to visit Porto Rotondo is the aperitif in the "Piazzetta"; the famous square has a circular shape and is paved with handcrafted granite from the nearby quarries. The seal in the centre of the spiral will accompany your gaze towards the north.

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is the leisure-town par excellence of the Costa Smeralda, easily accessible from the Residence Le Corti di Marinella, as it is only 30 km away. It owes its name to the shape of the city's natural harbour, which resembles that of a deer. The centre sits at an elevated position with respect to the harbour and offers spectacular sea views. Lush hills surround the town, embellished with elegant villas. Porto Cervo has become the destination par excellence of elite international tourism. The social life of this corner of paradise spreads along the promenade, the small Chiacchiere square and Sottopiazza. The town is made up of narrow streets that wind between featuristic colourful houses with windows and balconies of all shades, all in the typical style of Costa Smeralda. The outskirts of the town are home to the most prestigious restaurants and trendy bars - the pulsating heart of the coastline's nightlife. You will be entranced while admiring the picturesque scenery at the new port, with the most beautiful boats and luxury yachts of wealthy celebrities.

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