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Residence Le Corti di Marinella is the ideal starting point for experiencing the many wonders of Sardinia. The island's magnificent beauty has been praised by travelers and writers, and it has managed to maintain its origins and traditions in a spectacular setting that is the cradle of the Nuragic civilization.

A holiday in Sardinia with your family and friends will shower you with the best moments any vacation can offer. Sardinia will not disappoint you and will remain in your heart forever.

Sardinia offers unique and unforgettable moments in every season; an experience that is also different, but always includes fun, relaxation, nature, sports, culture and tradition.

Who hasn't wanted and dreamed of a holiday in Sardinia? Make your dream come true, in all its many facets. Residence Le Corti di Marinella is your holiday home in Sardinia, in the beautiful Gallura.


Sardinia is wine and food culture: from carasau bread to fresh and aged pecorino cheese, from dried to fresh malloreddus pasta, from main meat courses such as porceddu to shellfish, tuna, seafood and mullet dishes. There are plenty of traditional sweets made with cheese, such as seadas, or sweets made with almonds and honey. All accompanied by a nice glass of Vermentino or Cannonau wine. If you're a gourmand, Sardinian delicacies will make your mouth go crazy with joy!
Sardinia is also artistic craftsmanship: refined filigree with coral, colourful ceramics, fine knives known as designer blades, strictly handcrafted cork, bedspreads, towels and carpets made in workshops with traditional looms. You'll be spoilt for choice and at the same time assured that every Sardinian handmade product is a unique gift for people you care about.
Sardinia is folklore: throughout the year, all over the island, there are local parties and festivals. A rich calendar with events such as horse racing in Ardia di Sedilo, peaceful parades with traditional floats at the Saint Efisio festival in Cagliari and folk festivals with parades, dances and music in Nuoro for the Festival of the Redeemer. These are just a few suggestions, we leave you the fun of finding the event most suited to you.


The Mediterranean's most beautiful sea can be found in Sardinia, an island that offers 1800 km of coastline and 50 marinas. The underwater landscape of Sardinia is unique in the world. The beaches that can't be missed are, starting from the east: the archipelago of La Maddalena with its unmistakable and beautiful turquoise blue waters and pink-coloured granite rocks; to the west is the striking Stintino beach with its gentle wind-shaped dunes. The Gulf of Orosei to the east and the wild Costa Verde in the west. To the south: Villasimius or Chia? Don't miss any of them, as they are all worth your time.

Pamper yourself with exciting trips to the smaller Aegian islands of San Pietro, La Maddalena and Tavolara: you'll be entranced!


With its wonderful and unique nature, Sardinia offers an interesting variety of activities for those who don't want to give up sports and physical activity while on vacation. There are all the right elements - water, air and land - making Sardinia your outdoor gym: diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking, fishing, windsurfing, surfing and kite surfing, horse riding and sailing.
And many other activities await, so you can intensely enjoy your sports holiday in Sardinia.   


Sardinia has a long history to tell, which can also be touched. Dolmen, domus de janas, giants' tombs and nuraghi: there are an impressive 7000 stone towers throughout the island. Their function still has not been defined, and you can understand why after visiting those at Su Nuraxi, Nuraghe Losa and Santu Antine.
If instead you're lost in the middle of nowhere, don't worry because that means you're in the area of ​​Barbagia and Ogliastra. Continue along your path and soon a charming village will appear that is surrounded by mountains and cliffs. Wherever you are, your itinerary will become a memorable adventure. 
Electrifying thrills are guaranteed for lovers of ghost towns, certainly not lacking in Sardinia: Gairo Vecchio is quite disturbing with its small stone houses and narrow dirt roads. Instead Lollove has remained the same over the centuries, with its houses and its ruins. Rebeccu is a medieval village carved into the limestone rock that is almost completely abandoned.
Sardinia is full of important historical and cultural testimony; it also offers this gift to visitors, filling you with exciting moments to remember.

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